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Why do I choose to have a Shaklee business?                                       

Being a bit of a sceptic, I was never sure as to which brands to trust.  I understood that the supplement industry was very loosely regulated.  I also knew that good marketing didn't mean a good product.  It was very discouraging as finally, I also knew we weren't getting enough nutrients from our food.  What a dilemma! 

When I was introduced to Shaklee and listened to the CD they wanted to share with me, I was relieved-to say the least.  At first I thought I would simply be a customer and help myself and family through Shaklee.  But then I began to realize alot of the message on the CD was just what I was sharing with my Personal Training clients for years, information taught to me by nutritionists at professional conferences.  They didn't have a product to sell, they simply were trying to filter out truth through fitness professionals to the public.  But see, I never left these conferences with good solutions for my clients.  I was myself still disillusioned when at the local healthfood store. The wall of products all claiming to be the best, whole food, organic supplements your money could buy but which one was? There was no way to really know which ones were good.  I could see right away and understood better and better over time that Shaklee was different! They wanted to explain the whys of everything.  And they did it in a way you could understand!  I quickly realized I wanted to share the message of Shaklee with others as well. 

A company committed to helping people be truly healthy and a history of over 50 years doing just that inspired me to jump on board! A company that fueled every move they made by good science, being in harmony with nature and great integrity!  The better I have come to know Shaklee the more I am convinced they are the best natural nutrition company out there! 

Literally, millions of people have lost their jobs since the start of the recession in 2008.  I am thrilled that I can help others not only with their health but also with their financial stability in a pretty scary time. I am blessed beyond measure to have this opportunity starting in my home, then my nieghborhood and beyond to help others through this wonderful organization!

But that’s not all, I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor for many reasons:

I believe as a Shaklee Distributor I really can help improve lives.

I hope you enjoy my site!

Aimee Tkatchov